EASY Download & Install Realtek Ac97 Audio Driver Windows (7/Vista/XP)

In this Tutorial, I will be showing you how to install the latest version of Realtek Ac97(audio codec ’97) Audio Drivers on your Computer or laptop.
This is a very simple and fantastic way to resolve any audio issues you may be having on your Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.
This may also fix your PC if you have no audio at all, as you need audio drivers for your sound to work.

It is possible to use Realtek AC97 Audio Driver with the following models of sound machines from the series ALC-1xx/2xx/6xx/8xx:
ALC201, ALC101, ALC201A, ALC202A, ALC203, ALC250, ALC650, ALC653, ALC655, ALC658, VIA686, ALC850, VIA8233, VIA8233A.


Your PC uses the audio driver to convert the analogue sound from a microphone, a guitar, or your phone into digital bits that the computer can understand.

Downloading Realtek AC97 Audio Driver for your Windows (7/Vista/XP) enables your computer to do this very easily, Otherwise, the audio of your system might not work completely.

As Realtek does not provide the Realtek AC97 Audio Driver directly, I have provided the link to the tool which will automatically download and install it for you.

Downloading and Installing this tool will automatically fix your audio problems.

Download Realtek Ac97 Driver for your pc

Step 1:
Download and Install the Application

Step 2:
Let the application scan your PC for Missing Drivers

Step 3:
Install the Missing Drivers


The above software must work smoothly for you. If it doesn’t I am linking a video which will tell you how to use it properly.

Why Realtek AC97 audio drivers are used?

AC’97 (audio codec ’97) is a standard for audio codecs that are mostly used in system boards, sound cards, and modems. AC’97 has a sampling frequency of 96 kHz when using 20-digit stereos and 48 kHz when using 20-digit stereos for multichannel reproduction and recording.

Realtek AC97 audio driver provides access to all onboard hardware functions, resolves compatibility issues that may exist with basic Windows drivers, fixes numerous errors that may arise during product use, and adds support for new operating systems.

This driver bundle includes support for all main sound codecs, allowing your PC to process audio, playback multimedia, record audio, control speakers, and many other things.

Realtek Ac97 Sound Driver for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Download Realtek Ac97 Audio Driver and Software [30 MB] Windows (Vista/ 7)

Realtek Ac97 Sound Driver for Windows XP/98/2000

Download Realtek Ac97 Audio Driver and Software [18 MB] Windows (98/2000/XP)


Realtek AC97 Driver is one of the most frequently used sound card driver programs, aimed at providing users with the most accurate sound quality from the sound chips on their motherboard.

Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers is a component of your computer’s core operating system that accepts signals from software – such as a web browser or media player – and converts them to a code that a speaker can comprehend.

AC97 also includes the sound card in the process of delivering audio from your computer to the speaker. This is why an audio driver is required, as your computer cannot detect a speaker on its own.

This desktop application is also an excellent substitute for generic motherboard sound drivers and sound card drivers. These drivers are frequently available on CD or DVD, rendering them inaccessible to systems lacking a disc drive.

With the Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers, your computer will have the same system stability and basic functioning as the built-in sound system on your motherboard.
It will also be able to communicate with other audio-related components on your PC.








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